In 1977 the City of Saratoga Springs adopted an historic review ordinance aimed at protecting the City’s rich historic architecture and neighborhoods from insensitive rehabilitation, unnecessary demolition and inappropriate new construction. The ordinance calls for the designation of buildings and neighborhoods of special historic and architectural character. Click here to download a copy of the ordinance.

Since 1977, the City has designated an Historic District providing protection for 735 of the 1,248 properties in Saratoga Springs listed on the State and National Registers of Historic Places. The City’s Historic District includes Saratoga’s historic Race Course. A map of the City’s Historic District can be downloaded by clicking here. In addition, the City has designated the Old Bryan Inn, the Drink Hall, Canfield Casino, City Hall, Congress Park, High Rock Park, the Lake Avenue Fire Station, and the Gideon Putnam Cemetary as individual landmark structures.

Exterior Changes are Regulated Within the City’s Historic District

Within the City’s Historic District, exterior changes on buildings, including additions, new construction and demolitions, are subject to review by the City’s Design Review Commission. A description of the City’s Historic District Regulations can be found by clicking here. Further information can be found in the City’s Guidelines for the Preservation of the Saratoga Springs Historic District by clicking here.

Prior to commencing construction resulting in exterior changes to buildings within the City’s Historic District, property owners must apply to the City’s Design Review Commission for approval. The application form and instructions can be downloaded by clicking here. A word of caution, do not begin construction or order materials (such as replacement windows or roofing) until you have received Design Review Commission approval of your project.

The staff of the Preservation Foundation is available to assist property owners in developing plans for changes to their historic properties that are consistent with good preservation practice and in navigating the City’s Design Review process. Please don’t hesitate to call on us for assistance.

For a map of the protected historic districts in Saratoga Springs current as of August 2014, please click though here: MAPS99-10E(HISTORIC ZONING)

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